Complex Commercial Litigation

Whether you are facing the breach of an agreement by a former customer who represented most of your revenue, or your largest competitor is engaged in unfair or illegal business practices, RHM’s lawyers are here to guide you through litigation when the future of your business is at risk.

Our lawyers were trained in the halls of white-shoe law firms and elite litigation boutiques, where they gained the skills and mettle to protect your interests no matter your adversary’s size. RHM’s lawyers put this experience into action for you without the overhead and bloat of a large firm by crafting creative fee structures that recognize the importance of success while balancing your financial realities. The result: you get a team of lawyers who line up toe-to-toe with whatever law firm your rival hires without having to worry about spiraling legal spend that can cripple your business.

RHM’s team of lawyers will help you navigate federal and state courts and leverage the legal system to accomplish your business goals. Our lawyers are highly experienced in litigating multi-million dollar breach of contract actions, high-value unfair competition and trademark infringement claims under the Lanham Act, claims for damages due to fraud and deceptive practices, violations of state and federal law for damages resulting from the breach of security system standards, and many other issues that arise in complex business disputes.

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